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Many people use CBD capsules as a preventative measure, which, they say helps control headaches, as well as other pain or nerve conditions. The feedback I receive is, taking  1-2 capsules twice a day works best. 

I have become so excited about their capsule line, as well as their newest lines, I have become part of their team. I recommend Wanae capsules for those who do not wish to deal with carrying around vials as well as those who wish to maintain a consistent daily dose (typically 30-60 mg) or (2-4 capsules) a day.

Wanae and its members continually posts the latest information related to CBD wellness. Read a recent post below. 

thumbnail_Spectrum 15 Bottle.png

Wanae 15 mg Full

Spectrum CBD Capsules


$ 110.00 retail

$88.00 with auto ship subscription

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