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Dr. Oz Presentation about CBD On Youtube 
This Program Was Aired In October Of 2018
Please Read Carefully Below Before Watching This Youtube Segment:
1.  Since Aired In October 2018, CBD (Purified From Hemp) Is Now Legal Federally. As Signed Into Law Under The 2018 Farm Bill, On Dec. 20, 2018.
2.  Most CBD Supplements Are Extracted From Hemp NOT From The Marijuana Plant. All CBD Products We Sell Are Purified From Hemp In Order To Comply With Federal Law.
3.  All Products Sold At Prime Spectrum CBDs Have Been Tested For Purity And Are Labeled In Milligrams. Highest Rated Products Are Available.
4.   Our CEO Is A Medical Professional, And Questions Can Be Directed To Him Personally.
Now Sit Back And Watch
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